FDN - Description

A Revit plugin to find double nodes
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FDN - Description

Postby sinan » 26 Apr 2016 16:27

Find Double Nodes - ( Autodesk Revit Plugin )

It is vital to set up the Analytical Model properly in order to carry out FE analysis correctly. While building the structural model, precision issues or inaccurate analytical modeling may introduce some errors such as analytical nodes not connected to each other.

Analytical elements that have nodes which are too close in geometry but in fact not connected will cause problems in many steps of structural analysis. Such as occurrence of finite elements which are very small, auto meshing process not converging resulting in incoherent mesh, incorrect stiffness matrix and wrong results and many more...

Finding the unconnected nodes manually becomes a huge deal for a structural engineer. Analysis software (Robot Structural Analysis, Sap2000, Etabs, Staad Pro etc.) may provide tools to remedy this but consume considerable time and effort. It is better to find the problem on the main Revit model before sending to analysis.

We solved this problem. FDN - Find Double Nodes application for Revit enables structural engineers to find nodes that are close to each other but not connected in the analytical model of a building. FDN shows unconnected nodes found within the given margin and user may isolate then zoom into the selected nodal area.

FDN will remove the hassle of manually checking the connectivity of each node, and save your precious time. By listing the unconnected nodes, you can now correct those nodes before sending your model to analysis. Especially in larger models where it is hard to see the connectivity, FDN will save your time and show those nodes flawlessly.

To check the connectivity easily, user can select the node from the list and zoom into the area by clicking zoom and see the area (the structural elements that are relevant) with an isolated view. By isolating it gets easier to analytically adjust and correct the error. Furthermore modeless GUI window provides a smooth workflow. You can interact with Revit while you are using FDN. This is a huge plus as you do not need to close and reopen the application and work along with your model.

  • List unconnected nodes
  • Select and visually indicate double nodes
  • Isolate selected nodes and connected elements
  • Zoom in to the problematic area
  • Set the Margin of connectivity
  • Show/Hide Nodes in the Analytical Model
  • Switch Thin Lines
  • Import/Export Node List
  • Modeless WPF window
  • Adjust Zoom Speed
  • Adjust Pan Speed
  • Copy the selected nodes list from the data grid
Once you download and install FDN, it comes with the limited functionality mode. Limited functionality still enables you to find and list double nodes. In order to tryout full functionality please get your 30 day Free Trial License by clicking Help->License and Try. This will take you to our licensing site, where you can download the trial license with your request code.

An email containing the license file will also be sent to you after you fill out the simple form. Once you get the xml file, you can now activate it by clicking Help->License and Activate and work with full functionality.

We strongly encourage you to try FDN and be sure it suits your needs before purchasing a Standard One Year License.
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Re: FDN - Description

Postby serhan » 07 May 2016 20:58

Thanks !

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